Reading Group Discussion Cards

Is it possible that I'm really finding time to squeeze in a blog post?? Working on making sure I blog more often because there are so many amazing things going on that I would love to share! 

I am beginning my regular reading group rotation this week now that all of my conferencing and goal setting is complete! Goal setting is one of my favorite things.  I love watching the students get excited about reaching their goals in order to grow as readers.

I love reading group time because it allows you to discover so many things about the students through discussion.  In order to ensure discussion takes place, I created this product to use during group time.  These Reading Group Discussion Cards cover many reading comprehension strategies and activate deeper level thinking to keep students engaged.  These cards could be used in many different ways and I plan to put them to action in all of these ways in my own classroom:
1.  Teacher led group discussion
2.  Student led discussion with peers
3.  Resource for parents to use at home to monitor comprehension with nightly reading.  
4.  Communication tool to assess learning both at home and at school. Parents can communicate with teacher which cards students struggle with and vice versa.

Thanks for stopping by to check out this product! You can find it here at my store! 

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