Property Labels!

Today I was leveling some books for my classroom library and I noticed that with all of the business of my first year of teaching, I never labeled my books as MINE! I certainly can't afford to be losing these books that people have so generously donated to me.  With that being said, I hope that you'll hop on over to my store and download my newest FREEBIE! I made some labels for my books (and any other personal property in my classroom) that are completely editable for you to enter your own name and/or words you may choose to use! Here is what they look like:

These labels fit Avery Standard 3110 Sticker labels! Click here to download yours for FREE! Don't forget to leave some feedback at my store! 

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New Product

Hi all! I am writing today because I posted new product at my TpT store .  It is a completely editable binder(s) and dividers pack to get all organized for next year.  This year my files were kind of a mess and I was just trying to stay afloat and not drown.  Next year I will be prepared with this pack that I've created! I have cover pages for multiple binders, dividers, and editable forms for inside the binders.  This is great because since it is editable, you can re-print and re-use year after year! Below are some pictures of what the new product looks like! I hope you'll check it out! Don't forget to "like" my Facebook page and follow this blog! 

Lessons Learned

As I was reflecting on some of my organizational and planning strategies today, I decided to set a goal for myself for next year.  I spent SO much time this year not only planning, but typing lengthy lesson plan procedures.  I understand that some of us are required to do this, but I am not required to do the amount of work that I did this year in that area.  My administration requires the key components of a lesson plan but for me to type out my every move during a lesson is completely unnecessary.  After reflecting on this topic, I decided to challenge myself to create a lesson plan template that I knew would accommodate my needs, yet keep my "wordy-ness" to a minimum! The template is completely editable since I know that we all have such different needs and I wanted to share it with you guys! Please click here to download this template for FREE! I also created a guided reading lesson plan template today, which you can find here .  Please leave my store some feedback if you enjoy these products.  Thanks for looking!!!


FREEBIE alert!!!! Visit my TpT store for the newest classroom organization/decor product! It is a "Where are we?" sign for your classroom door to let others in the building know where to find you.  Click here to download yours now! The product comes in two themes: polka dot and chevron.  Please leave my store a nice rating if you love this product as much as I do! Also, please "like" my store on Facebook .  Here is a preview of what the sign looks like: 

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Last End of the Year Post

Here is my last end of the year post before I get in "summer mode." (yay!) I wanted to share these adorable tags that can be found here at my TpT store.  This is a paid product but is priced reasonably! I have included pictures below of how I used this product for my students end of the year gifts! I bought them each a sand bucket with a shovel attached and wrote their names on it.  Next, I included a piece of sidewalk chalk, a "kool pop", bubbles, and a koosh ball in each bucket. (All of these items can be found at the dollar store so it was very cost efficient.)  After I attached the tags, it was a really cute summer present for the kids to enjoy.  The pictures can be found below: 

Again, thanks for looking and I hope you can use and enjoy this product! Please "like" me on Facebook and follow my store :) 

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End of the Year Activity

So, I know this is a little late but better late than never! While the end of the year is fresh on our minds, you can pick up my new freebie at my TpT store for next year! My students absolutely loved this activity!!

Since persuasive writing is something that we cover in fourth grade, I had all of my students write a persuasive letter to a "judge" providing reasons why he/she should be promoted to the fifth grade (this would work for other grade levels as well.)  I told them that they would have two days to work on this during their writing time and that a judge would be coming to visit the classroom to hear their case.  This made all of them very excited and they wanted to try their best on their letters so that the judge would be impressed. 

When the day arrived, my coworker and I dressed up as judges (black graduation gown) and did this as a combined class activity.  The students took turns reading their cases to us and absolutely loved it.  We made them provide proof and reasons why they are ready to move to fifth grade.  It was a total success!

At the end of hearing their proof, we would use a gavel and say "promoted to fifth grade" and we gave the students a Little Debbie Swiss Cake with a ribbon tied around it to look like a diploma. 

You can find the template for this FREEBIE here at my TpT store to use next year!

Enjoy your summer!

First Post

Yay! My new blog is finally official! Please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store, like my Facebook, and follow me on Pinterest! I promise to post a lot of exciting things and products this summer as we begin to prepare for the beginning of next school year.  (This job never really ends!) Thanks for all of your support!