Lessons Learned

As I was reflecting on some of my organizational and planning strategies today, I decided to set a goal for myself for next year.  I spent SO much time this year not only planning, but typing lengthy lesson plan procedures.  I understand that some of us are required to do this, but I am not required to do the amount of work that I did this year in that area.  My administration requires the key components of a lesson plan but for me to type out my every move during a lesson is completely unnecessary.  After reflecting on this topic, I decided to challenge myself to create a lesson plan template that I knew would accommodate my needs, yet keep my "wordy-ness" to a minimum! The template is completely editable since I know that we all have such different needs and I wanted to share it with you guys! Please click here to download this template for FREE! I also created a guided reading lesson plan template today, which you can find here .  Please leave my store some feedback if you enjoy these products.  Thanks for looking!!!

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