January-June Math Interactive Notebook

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2014 flew by so quickly, I can't believe it is already 2015.  It's been awhile since I have blogged (maybe I should make that a New Years resolution?) but I'm glad to be on here to write about one of my new(ish) products.  It's been posted for a few months but I haven't given it much attention since it was primarily made for the second half of the year!!  (Lord knows in November we can't see much past Winter Break, right?!) I had such amazing feedback from my August-December Math Interactive Notebook, I decided to make a sequel! You can find it here at my store. 

This notebook is designed to accommodate fourth grade Math for January-June. This was based off of my district's pacing guide, but whatever isn't covered in this edition is covered in the August-December edition! I always include what is covered in the description of my products so that you know exactly what you are purchasing!

Interactive notebooks are such a fun way to get your students engaged and keep them organized! I love the hands on activities that it allows, while also allowing your students to make a cumulative record of everything they've learned throughout the school year and keep it organized in one single place. I've seen a lot of my students this year take pride in their notebooks and keep them nice and clean! I am going to be so glad that I have Interactive Notebooks for all subjects when end of the year testing comes around because it will serve as a fabulous study tool! This was my first year doing interactive notebooks in my classroom and the kids and I are loving them!!  

Here is a list of everything that my Interactive Notebook (January-June edition) has to offer: 

**Product comes with pictures of examples for a visual on how to use INB in your classroom! Pictures are included for ALL pages and activities listed below**

-decimals anchor chart "Why do we use decimals?"
-place value street (decimals place value chart through the thousandths place)
-place value with money and base 10 blocks
-write the decimal captivity (with base 10 blocks)
-adding and subtracting decimals (step by step "interactive anchor chart for INB")
-graph paper squares for students to work addition/subtraction problems with decimals

-measuring length fill in the blank/interactive "anchor chart" 
-measuring our classroom items activity (foldable)
-tools for measuring length
-measuring weight/mass fill int he blank/interactive "anchor chart"
-conversions tables 
-measuring capacity (land of gallon) poem/story
-land of gallon (gallon house)
-capacity cut/paste activity with conversion chart
-measurement conversions anchor chart for INB
-length, capacity, and weight conversion charts

Elapsed Time
-interactive foldable clock to assist with telling time
-elapsed time strategies (use a clock, make a t-chart, mountains/hills/rocks with examples of each)
-elapsed time practice problems (foldables)
-elapsed time word problems (foldable)

-geometry notes including definitions and examples of: point, line, line segment, ray, angle, endpoint vertex, intersecting lines, parallel lines, and perpendicular lines
-congruent vs similar shapes interactive page
-geometric transformations (rotate, translate, and reflect) cut/paste activity
-polygon/NOT a polygon cut/paste activity
-polygons: triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, and decagon cut outs (including an example of labeled sides)
-quadrilaterals page including trapezoids, parallelogram, rhombus, square, and rectangle with examples and definitions of each

-probability spinners (Blank for the convenience of customizing. Create your own problems with these blank spinners.)
-probability with M&Ms activity (with cut outs and foldable)
-probability statement number lines (impossible, unlikely, likely, most likely, certain)

-shape patterns labeled with letters (continue the pattern by filling in the blank)
-number patterns (continue the pattern by filling in the blank)
-goldfish patterns (students create their own patterns with goldfish and label with letters-- teacher directions provided)
-input/output patterns chart (blank for the convenience of customizing)

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Have a safe and Happy New Year's celebration tonight! Bring on 2015!!!!!

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