Making Progress

As some of you may know, we don't start school until September here in Virginia so I am feeling a little behind when I see all of the super cute classrooms that are already put together. With that being said, I decided to go in and begin doing some serious work and I'm starting to FINALLY make some progress! I changed my classroom arrangement A LOT this year because of all the wonderful lessons I learned in my first year of teaching! I am going to still be implementing Daily 5 structure for reading and I'm going to begin to implement Guided Math which will be new to me this year. I also found out that I NEVER used my desk so I had that removed from my classroom.  Here are some progress pics so far! Feel free to leave some feedback if you have any suggestions.  (Just keep in mind that I am extremely cramped for space, even though the pictures don't really show it!) I promise to do a full classroom reveal when it is all finished (even if that isn't until September!)

My classroom door with my EDITABLE "Where Are We?" FREEBIE sign that you can find here at my TpT store!

Daily 5/Guided Math groups for accountability.  Children will check in at each round.  Magnets are a DIY that you can find the tutorial for on my blog!

Reading corner so far with my fabulous new futon and crate seats! Also find the tutorial for the crate seats on my blog!

Kidney Table~ Crate Seat Tutorial also on the blog!!

Twitter board with iPhones to be used as exit slips and formative assessments. iPhones are attached with velcro so that students can take them down.  iPhones are laminated so that we can use dry erase markers.  Can't wait to teach these 4th graders how to #hashtag!

Finally, here is a new organizational method I'm using for Math manipulative storage. Drawers are labeled with SOL strand and have specific SOL's on the labels (Virginia's standards). Since I'll be using a Guided Math structure this year, I wanted students to be able to access manipulatives whenever they need them.  Hoping this will do the trick! Manipulatives are stored in large gallon sized ziplock bags or the boxes they came in.

Lastly, I want to take a moment to talk about my newest product that I hope you'll go check out! It's a 4th Grade Math Interactive Notebook that includes Common Core Standards AND Virginia SOL's.  It is an August-December bundle and is currently on SALE! Great price for a great product! I hope you'll check it out! The full description and product can be found here at my TpT store! Leave me some feedback if you like it!! 

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Happy Back to School!!


  1. I love your Reading Corner and your Twitter Board! Your Math Interactive Notebook looks great! I have wishlisted it!
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. Thank you Lisa!!!! I have been working hard on it! I hope you like it!!! Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Brittany--
    I'm trying out a twitter board with my 4th grade kiddos this year too. I love the idea of using that as a ticket out the door.

    Teaching Powered by Caffeine

  3. Up here in Ontario we don't go back until after Labour Day too! I can't even get into my classroom until next Monday. To me you look ready to go! Love your classroom setup, you students are very lucky!